Tuesday, October 18, 2011

What I've got...

New Limited Edition Stella McCartney Print Collection Fragrance
Thnax my lovexx


  1. soooooooooo cute!!!!!!
    is smell good?????
    I want get the one too!!!
    but I dont think Stella in Japan sell them.

  2. I lov the design of bottle! beautiful isn't it?
    I've seen a fashion website by Japanese before said that it was sold in Isetan department on August as precedent release. Have you ever heard it? Anyway it's been passed so you'll have an opportunity to get it soon somehow! Coz you are in Japan!!!
    Also...smell is actually same as beautiful as original perfume.

  3. ohhhh I totally missed the event at ISETAN...I knew the event was hold there!! anyway I am going to get this soon!!